Fostering a Child

Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services of Nova Scotia is committed to helping families care for their children. However when children cannot remain at home as a result of serious concerns about their safety and protection, they come into the care of our Agency and deserve a caring and supportive home. We make every effort to find a family to care for the child until the child can return home.


Family Support

Our Family Support Workers provide both emotional and practical help and advice to families who are having long or short-term difficulties. This would include support in helping children to stay with their families, if that is what's best for them in the particular situation.  If a child has been removed from the family, a Family Support Worker continues to help the family develop the skills needed to effectively parent their child so their child may be returned to them.


Family and Community Healing Program

Through this program we work closely with our First Nation community members, elders and youth so as to collectively present information sessions on a variety of topics and issues affecting our families. Most importantly we do this while embracing our traditional teachings and methods of Mi’kmaw culture.

Some of the Parenting Programs offered are:

  • Sacred Teaching – Aboriginal Parenting
  • First Nations Parenting
  • “Nobody’s Perfect”
  • “No More Misbehavin”
  • Fatherhood: Indigenous Men’s Journeys


Our Vision / Our Mission

Our Vision - Elapultimk Elmi’knik

First Nations communities where children are safe, proud of their First Nations culture, families are strong and communities are strengthened and supported.

L’nue’kati’l ta’n mu nesana’nuk wjit mijua’ji’jk, mekite’tmi’tij teli-L’nu-ulti’tij, melknaql wkjiksu’l aqq melkiknewa’tumkl and apoqntmumkl wutann.

Our Mission - Ta’n Ketu’ Tl-lukutiek

Leading with excellence and working in partnership to - Menaqaj nikana’luenen aqq maw-lukutinen:

  • Prevent situations that lead to child abuse and neglect by embracing, strengthening and supporting families, and communities;
  • Protect children and youth from abuse, and neglect;
  • Provide safe and nurturing care for children and youth in a manner that is culturally appropriate and reflecting the history and traditions of First Nations people ;
  • Advocate meeting the needs of children, youth, families, and communities.

  •  Apoqntmnen aqq mlkiknewa’tunen wkjiksu’l aqq wutann kulaman ma’ ewlo’tasulti’k aqq penoqo’tasulti’k mijua’ji’jk;
  • Ikalanen mijua’ji’jk aqq nutqo’ltijik mu ewlo’tasultinew aqq mu penoqo’tasultinew;
  • Menaqaj tli-ankweyuksinew mijua’ji’jk aqq nutqo’ltijik ta’n kina’muaten L’nuey aqq nespi-kina’muaten  telo’ltimk aqq ta’n wetapeksimk;
  • Mlkuktmnew wli-apoqntmnew ta’n tel nuta’tij mijua’ji’jk, nutqo’ltijik, wkjiksu’l aqq wutann.