Through this program we work closely with our First Nation community members, elders and youth so as to collectively present information sessions on a variety of topics and issues affecting our families. Most importantly we do this while embracing our traditional teachings and methods of Mi’kmaw culture.

Through partnering with other agencies we are able to provide relevant programs to our communities. Our partners have included:

M.A.D.D. Canada
Red Cross Canada
  Walking the Prevention Circle
   10 Steps Safe Community
Mi’kmaw Healing Centres
Community Health Directors
Community Interagency

content 13Some of the Parenting Programs offered are:

  • Sacred Teaching – Aboriginal Parenting
  • First Nations Parenting
  • “Nobody’s Perfect”
  • “No More Misbehavin”
  • Fatherhood: Indigenous Men’s Journeys
  • Basic Shelf Cooking and Nutrition
  • Parental Self Care
  • Stress/Anger Management
  • Self Esteem
  • Community Parent Support Groups

 Programs specific to Youth:

  • Girl Power
  • 2BBoys

 Programs are offered at various times throughout the year and in various communities.

Check out EVENTS for the date and times of what is being offered in your community!