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Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services (MFCS) operates under The Child and Family Services Act (Provincial DCS) and is funded by the Federal Government (AANDC). We are non-profit community organizations responsible for the well-being and protection of children, age newborn to 16. When families experience a crisis, MFCS strives to keep children living with their families by providing them with the support they need. However, if a parent is unable to care for a child or the child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed, that child may be taken into the care of MFCS. When that happens, MFCS is responsible for ensuring that the child has a safe place to go. For most children, that safe place means a foster home.

MFCS believes every child has the right to grow and develop in a family environment within their own community. While recruitment efforts over the past several years continue to highlight the need for foster homes in all of our communities, there is still a shortage. When children do come into the care of MFCS, some children need a foster family for a matter of days or weeks while for others, it may be months or even years.

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Contact Information:

 Foster parents make a difference in the lives of children and youth. Call to learn more!

If you are residing on the mainland and you are interested in becoming a foster parent or adoptive parent through Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services, please call Ella Knockwood  in our Indian Brook Office @ (902) 758-3553 or 1-800-263-8686 for more information and to register for training.

You can also contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.