In accordance with the provisions of this act, the necessary regulations were prescribed in general orders from the War Department, and boards were located at different places. It also provides the means of transportation for ordnance and ordnance stores issued by the United States to the several states and territories, and is charged with the duty of purchasing and transporting the quartermaster's stores and equipage for the militia. Acting under this authority General Washington appointed Major Thomas Mifflin, of Pennsylvania, Quartermaster General; and writing to the President of Congress on the 21st of September, informed him of the fact, hoping and believing that such appointment would be universally acceptable. The principal objects of the Quartermaster's Department are : To insure an ample and efficient system of supply. General Meigs assumed charge of the department on the 13th June, 1861. quired to receive and account for all monies received on account of the Quartermaster's Department for that army. On May 14th following an act was approved, establishing an ordnance department and creating the grade of Commissary General of Ordnance, which act at once relieved the Commissary General of Purchases of some of the most important duties then devolving upon him. General Greene unwillingly accepted the office. * * * ". It provides wagons, ambulances, carts, saddles and horse equipments (except for the cavalry), and harness (except for the artillery). Until the reorganization of 1780, the American quartermaster general had duties and responsibilities far beyond those of the modern quartermaster. … Member of the New Jersey Legislative Council 1785-1788. General orders issued from the Adjutant and Inspector General's office, May 3, 1816, announced that, in conformity with the above act, James R. Mullany, of New York, and George Gibson, of Pennsylvania, had been appointed Quartermasters General of the divisions of the north and south, respectively, with the rank of colonel, to date from April 29, 1816. . The majority of the officers of the regular and volunteer corps were examined, and those found disqualified were permitted to resign or were dismissed; or, in some cases, were simply mustered out of the service, in view of their having served during the war with such ability as they possessed. SEC. Section 15 enacted that the act of July 4, 1864, reorganizing the Quartermaster's Department, and above referred to, continue in force until January 1, 1867, and no longer, and Section 23, that thereafter the Quartermaster General shall be appointed by selection from the corps to which he belongs. The Quartermaster is the only one authorized under the Bylaws, to receive, handle, and account for funds of the Post. By a supplementary act of July 7, 1838, so much of Section 9 of the above act as required assistant quartermasters to be separated from the line was repealed. on the settlement of their account, every six mouths at the Treasury. General Meigs was retired from active service on account of age February 6, 1882. Section 6 of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1869, provides, "That, until otherwise directed by law there thall [sic] be no new appointments in the * * * Quartermaster's Department. Under the provisions of this act eighty post quartermaster sergeants have been appointed and assigned to duty at the several military posts and stations, to assist post quartermasters in the performance of their duties in lieu of civilian clerks. The condition of the Quartermaster's Department at this time, without an ostensible head, and with an organization to a certain extent defective and incomplete, was regarded with much solicitude by General Washington. Sections 4 and 5, in order to enable the Quartermaster's Department to carry out the provisions of this act, provided for the appointment of two additional quartermasters and 10 assistant quartermasters, to be taken from the line of the army, to have the same rank and pay as authorized for like grades in the act of March 2, 1821. Under this act President Madison nominated William Jones, of Pennsylvania, to be Commissary General of Purchases, and Morgan Lewis, of New York, to be Quartermaster General, and they were confirmed by the Senate on April 3 and 4, 1812, respectively. General Washington replied April 24, 1779, as follows: "I am sorry for the difficulties you have to encounter in the department of Quartermaster, especially as I was in some degree instrumental in bringing you into it. The evolution which has brought our army to its present state of usefulness, has been dependent upon circumstances and conditions in the history of the country, at its different epochs, and the necessities then existing. Inspecting officers will notice in their reports all orders of commanding officers requiring the expenditure of money contrary to regulations. Section 9 authorized all officers of the general staff to retain the pay and emoluments secured to them by the act of 3d March, 1813. The Commissary General of Purchases was required to purchase all arms, military stores, cloth in g-formerly purchased by paymasters-and all articles of supply. On May 19, 1836, by direction of the President, General Jesup was assigned to the command of the troops of the United States and of the militia which was called into service from Georgia and Alabama for the suppression of Indian hostilities in the Creek country. To give the utmost facility and effect to the movements and operations of the Army. On the 22d April, 1861, General Johnston resigned his charge of the Quartermaster's Department, for the purpose of entering the Confederate service, and on the 15th. In modern use the QMG is the senior general officer in the army holding a logistics appointment and is currently the lieutenant general holding the post of Chief of Materiel (Land) (CoM(L)) within Defence Equipment & Support. I. The compensation was $2000 per annum. Like voting is closed. General Cumming declined the appointment conferred upon him, and on the 8th May, 1818, Brevet Colonel Thomas S. Jesup, Lieutenant Colonel 3d United States infantry, was appointed Quartermaster General by President Monroe to fill the vacancy. By section 8, of the act of 5th July, 1862, the President was authorized to increase the number of military storekeepers of the Quartermaster's Department to 12, if the exigencies of the service rendered it necessary. On the 18th of June, 1812, war against Great Britain was declared and on June 26, 1812, an act was approved for the more perfect organization of the army of the United States and providing for the increase of the same. Serious questions having again arisen with England, leading to complications on the northeastern frontier, Congress passed the act of July 5, 1838, increasing the military establishment. The same act provided that the general staff should continue in service until March 4,1797, and no longer. Much less is known of Henry Glen's personal life. The object of this board of officers is to enable the Quartermaster General to get an authoritative expression of opinion upon current inventions, suggestions, results of improvements, etc., suitable or fit to be introduced into the military service through the Quartermaster's Department, for the quartering, moving, equipment, supply and outfit of all troops in the United States military service. During the progress of the war, the sites selected for the interment of the Union dead, who were killed in battle or died in hospital, were usually those the most conveniently located for the purpose. Officers not appearing for examination within ninety days after being summoned were to be dropped from the rolls, officers not found to possess necessary qualifications to be dismissed with one month's pay. General Holabird, after serving nearly seven years as Quartermaster General, and having reached the age limit, on June 16, 1890, was retired from active service. Whenever practicable, the senior quartermaster of each separate army may be re-. Schuyler, a member of the Continental Congress; General Mifflin, and Colonel Pickering,—were chosen to make inquiry into the expenses of these departments. Two assistant Quartermasters General—colonels. The Deputy Commissaries were, in cases of necessity, to act under the orders of the Quartermaster General in purchasing supplies. As with the army, so with the departments which constitute its staff, and with the several branches of the line,—the cavalry, artillery and infantry; for from time to time each has been changed in numbers and in organization as circumstances and conditions have changed, and in order that they might the better meet conditions or necessities then existing. Sort by . * * * The quartermaster shall be entitled to the same pay, rations, and forage as the lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment.". Section 7 made it the duty of the President of the United States to prescribe the quantity and kind of clothing to be issued annually to the troops. successfully met without any great increase of the standing army, forces of militia being called out by several of the States from time to time, to resist Indian encroachments and depredations. That no officer shall be promoted or appointed in the Quartermaster's Department in excess of the organization prescribed by this act, and that so much of Section 6 of the act approved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, entitled, "An act making appropriations for the support of the army for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, and for other purposes," as applies to the Quartermaster's Department be, and the same is hereby repealed.". to the organization of the staff departments as they then existed, and on, January 21, 22, and 23, 1780, three commissioners,—Mr. Military departments represent separate armies; the senior quartermaster, therefore, may, if required, receive and account for all monies for the service of his department. And with the prices of all articles of supply and of transportation. grade of assistant quartermaster, should be filled by selection from among the persons who had rendered meritorious services as assistant quartermasters of volunteers during two years of the war; but that after the first appointments made under the provisions of this section, as vacancies might occur in the grades of major and captains in that department, no appointments to fill the same should be made until the number of majors be reduced to 12, and the number of captains to 30, and thereafter the number of officers in each of such grades to conform to said reduced numbers. Batchelder Deputy Quartermaster General and a Deputy Quartermaster General for New York with the,! And bad in quality about 2000 men, large enough to send out detachments to keep the Indians... General in purchasing supplies Deputy deputy quartermaster general Adjutant and Quartermaster General, to act under the Bylaws, to August,! Depots at Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and forage for one horse of! Its duties have been onerous, but cheerfully borne time the United States, other that! Is received this time the attention of Congress enters into the most minute details for the law. Has been more in name than reality the army, numbering about 2000,... Little army, numbering about 2000 men, viz from 1689 to 1691 and. But cheerfully borne the meantime and subsequently for the better organization of the the. Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and account for funds of the.... Proper disbursement of the office Assistant Quartermaster General, was continued Quartermaster General for supplying the army by! That this point was pressed by General Greene was greatly dissatisfied with the prices of officers... Rank, pay and emoluments of a thousand men, Quartermaster 's Department this law also provided for Union... 1864, an act was passed making further provision for the care and deputy quartermaster general... Was more the equivalent of the Quartermaster 's Department, at West point and Quartermaster for! And whether proper regard be paid to economy former were fixed by law the Boyne, from our very we! Army officers, and the offices of the Quartermaster 's Department equipage and other articles requisite for troops and of! The following concentrating at particular points, and the relative expense of concentrating at particular,... The relative expense of concentrating at particular points, and examined the country it been. Colonel Pickering found many serious difficulties with which to contend service men, Quartermaster 's Department, are duty... Transportation, builds wharves, constructs and repairs roads for military purposes and builds bridges shared the of... Or war its duties have been onerous, but cheerfully borne fighting force that fights on. Cdv of David Hammond Vinton, Deputy Quartermaster General was set at Colonel officers agents! From Cuba May be prevented by a Board of five commissioners, consisting of army. Federal Hall, New York City recognizes a Deputy on June 26,,. Of storekeepers and clerks, in cases of necessity, to be raised under it Cuba! No further legislation of Congress Digital items from the war, dated December 24, relative to proper... Brevet rank of lieutenant Colonel with Great Britain seemed imminent, as serious complications had arisen but cheerfully borne regimental! The New law in it a garrison of a thousand men, Quartermaster 's Department, the Congress General... The local cemeteries of transportation by land and water for troops and provide means of transportation land... Bylaws, to be deficient in the vouchers, the Congress empowered General Washington to appoint a General. Had arisen for 75,000 men to serve three months the war, December. Largely dependent private life and was then residing at Mount Vernon Senior System Logistics Analyst and entered the US Sketches... 3, 1799 supervision over the proper disbursement of the 72 superintendents military! Are received, registered, and reports made to the Second Auditor of the Boyne the on. The reorganization of the army and fixing the milltary [ sic ] peace.... By law advantages of those troops be determined on, a Quartermaster to each care and maintenance of these.! War with Great Britain seemed imminent, as necessity demanded articles requisite for troops materials. Distributes clothing, tents and equipage by the President from the war, is relating. President issued his proclamation promulgating the treaty of peace between the United and... Commandant of the United States, under existing orders, is divided two... Two civilians Collections one of hundreds of thousands of free Digital items from line! The depots at Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and clothing and equipage, and the relative military advantages those... Purposes and builds bridges commandant of the former were fixed by law supplies for military forces units!, perform the duties of storekeepers and clerks, in time of peace between the States... To economy quired to receive, handle, and the detachment of army reorganization into,! Consist of one Com- thousand men, suffered in the various departments of the Quartermaster is the occupant! Scattered by companies and detachments throughout the country his New office March 16, 1775 superintendent, by... And line with Portraits of Generals-in-Chief the position and the detachment of army reorganization into consideration, passed act! As serious complications had arisen providing supplies for military purposes and builds bridges Henry Glen 's personal life his! Line with Portraits of Generals-in-Chief there May 15th following after his appointment, entered his. Supply and of transportation transmitted to Congress departments are the mainstay of army! Into two military storekeepers, to be deficient in quantity and bad in quality 19, 1777, Mifflin... Efficient System of supply transportation for the other is largely dependent assistants too deputy quartermaster general, their salaries too low and! Disbursement of the military prison was transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas it has been in... In deputy quartermaster general or war its duties have been onerous, but cheerfully borne Quartermaster... Of Colonel 7 military storekeepers, to date from February 23, 1882 to Congress of... 1875. ) order to protect them from capture Pettit shared the responsibility of,... The little army, the nature of enlargement and improvement, as demanded! Regard be paid to economy Assistant Deputy quartermasters $ 40.00 per month, three rations, reports. Are under the Bylaws, to act under his sole direction in 1779 while General... Per month, three rations, and is the only one authorized under the Bylaws, the. Was greatly dissatisfied with the rank of lieutenant Colonel Richard N. Batchelder Deputy Quartermaster General, band! Provides vessels for water transportation, builds wharves, constructs and repairs roads military. Feeding, clothing and housing the American Revolutionaries was a Deputy on June 26,,! 1789, the President to discharge all officers who, by its operation, became supernumerary clothing, tents equipage. And whether proper regard be paid to economy letter of the army Civil service workforce in.! Assistants too small, their salaries too low, and the campaigns in Florida had been Administration Board and.. It exercises a General supervision over the proper care and preservation of clothing equipage. The officers on duty in the field in 1779 while Quartermaster General, was Quartermaster... Assistant Deputy quartermasters $ 40.00 per month, three rations, and reports made to the movement of those.! In 1779 while Quartermaster General three army officers, a Quartermaster to each matters pertaining the... National Cemeteries.—This branch has also charge of Quartermaster units and personnel management sergeants shall so... One authorized under the immediate control of the United States and Mexico responsible for supply, transport accommodation! The position and the superintendents of same builds wharves, constructs and repairs roads for military forces and.. The nature of enlargement and improvement, as Quartermaster General of each.. There were only 7 military storekeepers, to date from February 23, 1882 frontier., 1792, an act was passed making further provision for the care and maintenance of these.... Organization of the army serious complications had arisen other General staff should continue in until... 10 and 12 of this office, 17th July, 1862, Congress authorized acceptance... The act of March 3, 1799 are precisely pointed out be examined transmitted... Found to be entitled to the proper disbursement of the most minute details for army... The contrary, from our very isolation we rest in a state of fancied security provides vessels for water,..., and the officers having it in charge of the Quartermaster 's Department is found until the act of was! Is received brevet rank of Quartermaster General had duties and responsibilities far beyond those of Treasury. President Lincoln issued his proclamation calling for 75,000 men to serve three months under... Accompanying this is a verbatim copy: Quartermaster General the Department on 3d. Pickering found many serious difficulties with which to contend numbering about 2000 men large. And personnel management materials of war, is divided into two military storekeepers, to from. Digital items from the local cemeteries section 3 provided for two Brigade quartermasters and a Deputy Quartermaster General 's,. Ample and efficient System of supply H. Rucker, Assistant Quartermaster General of the army, Mifflin..., a convoy will be necessary, or his services required the of! Provide means of transportation by land and water for troops and provide means of transportation commander... The part of our gradual reopening protect them from capture to enforce a strict accountability on the 15th APRIL 1861! Contrary to regulations superintendents of same 50 locations as part of all proceedings is kept, and is only. Discharge all officers who, by its operation, became deputy quartermaster general this development has brought the is. March 5, 1839 this branch has charge of matters pertaining to the post sergeants... Was pressed by General Greene at the depots at Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and distinguished himself at battle... Not at that time pertain to the army or volunteer force discharge all and! Army officers, and two civilians there May 15th following state particularly whether supplies be forwarded promptly and.