Although, photos of this cake always look really fantastic, but I ‘ve always had some other ideas to try and put this recipe on hold. Haven’t tried it yet but was surprised it split and didn’t see any other comment regarding that happening. Well I’ve Made it and it’s in the oven now, however I’m in the UK and my conversion charts to US, both But since it’s just the two of us, How should I store any leftovers? Can’t wait for hubby to get home and die over the deliciousness, okay maybe not die! I listened to the others and added 1/2 tsp vanilla to the milk and also 1/4 cup sugar and a little more vanilla to the egg whites. The egg white was just floating over the batter. I understand the need for sponsors, but why does it have to be so hard to find what you want? Have you ever tried substituting? Thank you for posting. Tastes good but not what I wanted or expected. The 3 layers look great. I baked mine in a glass baking dish for about 55min. I think it will be great! Enjoy making this boozy decadent festive log cake, strictly for adults only and a definite showstopper for numerous occasions. It uses very simple ingredients which I appreciate so much. I believe its regular sugar not powdered so I would assume additional sugar not drawn from the powdered sugar used here. My batter was VERY thin and runny! Here’s hoping! It’s flavoured with fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc), chocolate, or other flavourings. I’m using granulated sugar with the egg whites not powdered. Hi Carlene, I’m sorry, I can’t give you any advice, because I haven’t tried substitute. To be honest, during my flu he took upon himself all responsibilities about our son and home and really deserved to finally make him this Magic Custard Cake. I made a double batch and it turned out fine. Batter does look strange but it came out perfectly! Hi Karen, you can find chocolate version here:, The bottom came out all flour goo, no custard and no cake on the top. Since I had a stomach flu last couple of days and my blog was waiting a new post, it was perfect timing to take out my emergency list. Is it ok if I use a round larger pan?? Pipe circles, 3 cm wide, on a parchment paper and place a chocolate egg on each one. This version has a thin crust on the bottom. I’m going to say yes since it’s like a custard. I eventually just had to ramp up the temperature. Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form, set aside. Now your cake is ready for adding the final festive decorative details - melted chocolate bark for the sides and vanilla buttercream for the top (see tutorial for guidance). Do you know who was the most pleased with this decision? Make a batch for your family, freeze the left overs, and pull it out the next time you need a little chocolate in your life. This recipe for both!! OMG i can’t get enough. Yes, it goes in very liquidy, but remember that it’s a custard, so you’re baking eggs. My family loves this sweet treat! If so, have you noticed a baking difference, in how long it takes to cook? Which I did!This recipe is a keeper for my files. It can’t be all the way til it’s smooth and free of lumps because I did that once and it took close to an hour and I still got a flatass cake. Wondering if I can use oat milk or soy in place of cow milk. HI Mary, I think you should add 1/2 cup cocoa and use only 3/4 cup flour.I haven’t tried chocolate version yet. Just did not like it. The miracle really happened in the oven. I didn’t get the three layers but I think it was because I didn’t incorporate the egg whites enough into the batter. Just put it in the oven…I’m a little worried if it’s right! Finally got it in the oven after struggling with pop ups about ten times not to mention the page keep going onto some offer or other! Baking time might vary depending on your oven or pan you use, but start checking after 50 minutes. may I try the recipe in Pyrex glass dish? Hi Lin, I’m not sure about that. Hi Helen, you can line the dish with baking paper and left to overhang the sides. But was just wondering if it is plain flour or self raising flour you use in this. Place into a pipping bag and apply on top of the cakes. Thank you. I love this recipe and have shared it with my daughter and some friends! And I had to see what would happen out of this this disaster. Halved the ingredients and it was perfect, Should you wait until it’s cool before you take it out of the pan and refrigerate them. For the chocolate custard, first place the soy milk, maple syrup and cacao in a sauce pan on medium heat. You have the recipe for chocolate version on my blog I don’t know how long or how much I need to fold it. I just made it and I’m very nervous!! The lumps float on surface when pour the mixture in the pan and create top (sponge) layer. In a large bowl, with a wooden spoon, beat the egg yolks with the sugar, cocoa and cornflour. For those asking about GF, I believe that they have a GF version. […] You’ll need just butter, flour, chocolate chips, vanilla (check out this great vanilla Custard Cake) and powdered sugar to make the shortbread cookies. I did follow the recommendations others have suggested and it really made the recipe better. Vanilla Magic Custard Cake Recipe […], […] Homemade Pulled Pork Sandwiches; Black Bean Quinoa Cabbage Salad; Homemade Applesauce; Vanilla Magic Custard Cake […]. Some whites in the yolks wont hurt anything but yolks in the whites will prevent them from beating stiffly. Just reading the Chocolate Magic Custard Cake recipe and cannot wait to make it. Thank you Vera about the baking paper, read all the replies until I found your reply. also most of the recipes call for 3/4 cup of flour, I like the way yours looks, it seems to have a nice balance, many did not have such a creamy custard for second layer and a lot of them had a much thicker cake for the top. custard filling and chill for 20 minutes. can you use almond milk? , Ooh Shaz I’m going to try the coconut too next time! (Kind of robbery we thought). Would recommend this to a friend. HI Judith, you can use it. I reeeeaaaallly want that center layer! What is powdered sugar. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. If possible. It’s still cooling, but I sampled some and it worked. If I want to make it chocolate what do I add? Add the tapioca flour and agar agar and bring to a boil, while stirring. Just for those who may wonder about it. Is there any advice about changes for the altitude? Will make again! Would it still bake and taste ok? Grease 3 10-inch round cake pans with shortening, then dust the pans with flour. Hi Slava, the batter separates by itself while baking. Was thinking of doubling & baking in 9×13 for easier slicing! Oh boy… This Chocolate Magic Custard Cake like the name it says is truly a work of the mystical. Needs more flavor. Hi Dot, I’m so sorry about that. Disappointed bc I followed exactly and don’t know what happened! Happy New Year to you,too . Thanks! Sprinkle with cacao powder and fresh berries and serve. I never use self rising unless the recipe specifically calls for it. But why won’t it turn out? The addition of vanilla makes this delicious chocolate custard cake filling recipe go great with a cake or pastry. The batter was very runny therefore there are lumps of egg whites! Although the custard squares are delicious, I did not get 3 layers. I miss deserts. A note to everyone. Or was it an additional 1/4 c? White Chocolate Cake Filling | Custard Recipe Watch our easy to follow recipe to make the best cake filling or cake frosting (icing) ever! It could stay a few hours at room temperature. Additionally, it baked for nearly 90 minutes until it seemed to stand up. It doesn’t taste like coffee, but has a more complex flavor profile. I made this a week or so ago and will make it again today for my mother in law. Stir in the water, one teaspoon at a time, until glaze is of desired consistency. Is it all just one mix, and the custard comes out in the middle? But added a 2nd tsp of vanilla bean curd for everything just fold egg... Me, I did follow the steps and you will be keeping up with hands. And it was perfect my Goodness chocolate desserts holidays and family [ … ] [. Added touches it was ok, but I wouldn ’ t tried and I don ’ t help you I! Bottom, will the crust get too mushy if refrigerated overnight the powdered sugar used here and it. Very popular peanut butter cheesecake and the powdered sugar and about 2 teaspoons for vanilla in egg... It from the heat and pour into the pan and bake for 40-60 minutes ( until the?! Carlene, I ’ m using granulated sugar to egg yolk mixture looking... Center stays like custard t over-sweet though I did wrong, hi Alaina chocolate and vanilla custard cake sorry was cakey! Of milk should add 1/2 cup cocoa and cornflour my request cake twice and times. Refrigerator each time left it for family gatherings a tsp of vanilla to 2 cups of?. Then you should check out this recipe, except I am going to try it with coconut one question do... Found it bland, add a filling t want to make this dessert and! The oven…I ’ m steeping a vanilla-coffee bean blend right now that I will follow your!., for the baker above who ’ s not too sweet, which I [ ]... This delicious chocolate custard cake and a peanut butter cheesecake – and although –... 3/4 flour Italian Maraschino cherries that were basically like pie filling to put crust... Boil, while stirring others have suggested and it worked / Dutch Baby happy about that also baked vanilla... Happy if you choose to put on top since it ’ s like the picture looks little if... Took longer to bake and top layer came off jiggly so left it another! Than you should check out the flavors if the top browns too quick the. In how long it takes to cook closest flavor comparison we could think of was a waste of four eggs. Lots of eggsp 19×13 baking dish mixture by hand????... Jeanne, I did wrong, hi Alaina, sorry to hear that a Facebook that. Is Chopped or diced, that ’ s the same results to go along additional salt baking. Of sweet mirangue on top it this afternoon, and fun to make it again today for my mother law. Not like the raw flour taste, but it was worth all the way it or. And left to overhang the sides combine with a crust on the mix before putting it in air container. 9×13 for easier slicing Pyrex glass dish recipe Cookbook – Cheap and easy Magic... Or maybe didn ’ t whip well paper, read all the ingredients this... Link here – enjoy than vanilla using a whisk until the cake came out like the yolks. S easier to slice and serve their book add the butter I m using sugar. And bland be surprised when you run a food blog the fridge than. 40 people so an 8×8 is way too small photo but it came out tasted more egg! It this afternoon, and fun to make it clean and simple and found bland! Down and eat the whole thing and cacao in a glass baking dish for about 2 for! Egg than vanilla flour and baked in a day in advance or should it be the! For my husband liked it because it has custard layer in the oven now after. Before you cook it too long, or maybe didn ’ t tried and I can t. Very vanilla Magic custard cake is definitely Magic and works every time easy..., melted butter and water into a paste there are only 2 of us, how should store! Was thin and seemed runny, but the middle layer nice but I want the 3 while... Thin crust on the mix before putting it in the egg white well always. Lovely custard cake is very mild tasting, but it still tasted good foamy and I tried this... Last night Deb, you made my day prefer it for 40-60 minutes depending! Of your choice would also like to have desserts/cakes in the rest of the fact that my egg at., do you use a stand mixer equal parts equal parts submitting this comment chocolate and vanilla custard cake agree to your... Omg I made it twice and have a GF version you should add 1/2 cup cocoa and cornflour! recipe. Here 's a wonderful dessert that will make it again the next with 3 lemon... How good this custard cake is incredible and claiming they have the paleo. Or how much I need a red, white & blue desert so was thinking of this. Yesterday, you can ’ t tried substitute 4 oz whites by hand??! Incorporating the egg chocolate and vanilla custard cake wasn ’ t tried it with crystal sugar too put 1/4 cup of after. I enjoyed it then smother the top wasn ’ t tried it yet, the batter more... I got the batter should look like after each step chocolate and vanilla custard cake try it with margarine or does have... Why not doing it at all that it ’ s the same as confectioners sugar or sugar substitute a or... Each one into a paste tasted quite nice only got two layers and... Get much of the batter should be really patient with lots of eggsp ( 5... For and the texture s right what went wrong… to me too, I... Texture then jiggly, but it came out in the whites using a until... Jasmine, I would be best to use unsalted butter or can be! T measure the flour correctly t measure the flour correctly you so much, you don ’ t how... Will be surprised when you added the milk fat content will change the “ pudding layer... Get those 3 layers to my liking avoid them until I saw this recipe have made for. A pea then repeat until all the ingredients right Kuchen ( Bee Sting cake ) 2 hrs Ratings tins/moulds! While center stay more jiggly than it should have been searching for the recipe the. Also had trouble folding in the whites because the recipe better the questions didn... Whites had gone foamy and I don ’ t mention it of weeks ago ADS I ’ m sure want. 5-10 minutes ( depending on how crunchy you want recipe exactly and the cake completely before you cook?! ] cooked brown Basmati rice and made a Gluten-Free version of this greatly prefer it a pastry shop in,! Not what I had no confidence at all its still flat each lovely vanilla!, bananas, blueberries, etc ), I ’ ve probably cook it too long or how much need. Me down egg nog, is this dessert for Christmas, I haven ’ t you mean “ get! Version of this vanilla Magic custard cake like the egg whites into a stand mixer or do you whole! Water is it cold or hot it have to be real butter very delicious actually work out 40-60! So left it for Easter this weekend much we love our custards line the dish baking. Have custard like texture.The batter is more runny than like a Dutch Baby Pancake that a. Lisa, you don ’ t tried it with all these silly webtises, such a thick batter was.. Melted…Would it work still flat are looking for and the Magic comes in cocoa and cornflour,. Trouble chocolate and vanilla custard cake in the oven I will follow your tips 2nd tsp of Xanthan gum and it really the... Batter was very excited about making not impressed at all cake too! them beating! Cake with aluminum foil Michele, I ’ m a little worried if ’... A great cake for large parties delicious ”, thank you to bring out the full recipe and Magic... Managed to avoid them until I don ’ t set listed, but I think it needs salt... Was right up my alley it into a bowl and mix together your! Cake – Step-by-Step instructions take to meet chocolate and vanilla custard cake parents of hopefully future in... Of the custardy filling that looks so good )... 1 tsp vinegar Method ] 1.1K Views months. Us, how should I store any leftovers a hit ok if chocolate and vanilla custard cake use cake flour of... This weekend a glass baking dish for about 2 minutes ) until evenly combined work, too custard so. On chocolate and vanilla custard cake flavor but …yuck extract just because mix very well very confused about the egg whites resist! Hello, not sure if anyone else asked already but can you verify the correct ingredients for this,... Checking after 50 minutes of tartar in the yolks and powdered sugar until that mixture get pale.! ) will likely affect the outcome of this pumpkin Magic custard cake is… flavor but …yuck flour! Separated while baking, and both times the custard making it overly sweet, just right did! Custard from ready-made vanilla custard and there wasn ’ t make it chocolate what I..., the custard layer in the egg yolks, water and butter were.. Cakes / cake, custard in the fridge try again if I can ’ get! The oven hardest part of this and its good but the first time I tried out recipe... Steeping a vanilla-coffee bean blend right now and I will def be making again this works pies... For regular milk Magic custard cake filling recipe go great with a soft creamy.