I’m so looking forward to trying this recipe out with my bushel of apples! You could brush it again (maybe with the second half of the syrup) and rewarm it before serving for the shiniest second-day effect. Made this as one of our Thanksgiving desserts, today — delicious! This looks fabulous! I am the person you describe. I hope to be tasting this soon. With a spoon, regularly press down on the apples and baste them caramel juices from the pan. It had a special name that I can’t remember. (Even though it’s not really a pie.) There’s no need to rewarm it unless you want to serve it hot. Just think what the almighty Smitten could do if motivated… Thanks! It really kicks up the apple flavors. This recipe produced such a delicious tart. Yet another Smitten Kitchen Success!! :). 1/2 Lemon, Juice of. I made this for a dinner party last night and it was a huge hit. and doing the caramel in another pan. Michelle — I am not sure it would be my first choice for a dessert to advance freeze, only because I don’t know how well the glaze and apple texture will hold up to defrosting. I got compliments on my delicious pastry crust (ha!) I recommend your trusty extra heavy cast iron pan. Males 1 1/2 lbs of dough. I cannot wait for your cookbook! but you are a fabulous advertiser of your recipes and this one has my mouth watering! My first attempt was successful, thanks to you! So when you have a moment…………thanks so much. I may give it a go using this recipe and see what happens…. i was so prepared to have this fail, being my first attempt. I learned the hard way when I wanted some to make savory tarts with the summer squash and tomatoes in those unseasonal months of June-August. Caramel apple goodness. Inspired. Well Deb, we live in CT and just picked 100 lbs of various apples (been doin’ this for 27 years) at Lyman Orchards. Can this be frozen after it’s baked? Deb, thanks so much for this recipe. Just heard you on the Dianne Rehm show today and was so glad I didn’t miss this interview, especially since I love to cook. New: The Smitten Kitchen's very first Yule log: a dark, deeply spice... d, almost sticky gingerbread roll cake filled with slightly tangy, barely sweet cream, covered in the easiest chocolate bark, and studded with sugared cranberry gems. Never mentioned again. Cut four vents in pastry. Um….I leave for Paris on Friday. This feels festive, looks a little fancy, but every step is fuss-free -- no cracking cakes or piping bags, and we're not even going to separate eggs. Thank you! That looks glorious and delicious and well worth the wait/trial-and-error. Oh my goodness, this looks incredible! Zum Kochen bringen, Hitze reduzieren und ca. omg! Thank you so much for the recipe. Last couple sentences — Whoops! Check the ingredients; look for one with only butter, not shortening. Do I use both? Recipes. Have made caramel before and cannot figure what issue was. I wish I had doubled the caramel so I could have had leftovers. I haven’t has a lot of experience with puff pastry so I’d appreciate any tips! Deb this looks great, I’ve been looking fir a good tarte Tatum recipe for ages! If it seems that your apples in the center are cooking faster, swap them with ones that are cooking more slowly, and rotate apples that are cooking unevenly 180 degrees. Thanks for cleaning your stove before taking photos; I saw someone’s stove in a photo on a food blog the other day that was absolutely filthy! Absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a crowd! Than I realized that making the tart took me 3 hours. Easy and perfectly caramelized sweetness. I’ve used puff pastry that didn’t want to puff and short crusts that crumbled under the caramelized apple juices. I know other brands come in two, you can “glue” them together or stack them and roll them thin. Few ingredients, all pronounceable! Glad to hear that a kitchen goddess like yourself has issues with tarte tain. I made this last night, and it was so good! No one knew but me.). This is a terrific tarte tatin! I just made this last night and it was delicious! I *love* apple tarte tatin, and I’m curious to see if this is something that I could make the day before, or if it’s a plowing-into-this-is-strongly-encouraged kind of dessert. Cait — Definitely best day-of. Mmmmm!!!! totally blown away by your content… i have a whole life time to try out each and every recipe on your website. I always wait about 5 minutes before flipping them out…I find the small wait gives the caramel a bit of time to slightly thicken and so it is less likely to slosh over the sides. Just in case anyone else is trying it in similar conditions…. I made a version of this with Granny Smiths from the grocery store — they turned immediately brown. But every five or so years, well, I think there should be a new simple apple tart in town, and I think it should be this one. I may be making this tomorrow, as I have pounds of apples to go through! WHAT? My tart looks exactly like the gorgeous top photo and I couldn’t be happier. But this last time I had trouble incorporating the butter and sea salt with the sugar off the heat. Sonya. Lauren — It should be good for a few days in the fridge. (P.S. Hi Deb. And maybe invest in a cast iron skillet, since i think that would also solve some problems. However – despite rounding off the sugar content to say 360 grammes – figuring that those 6 grammes wouldn’t be missed ;) I found it very very sweet indeed. Added a splash of lemon juice too, because I was feeling adventurous and it turned out great! Three years ago: Apple Cider Doughnuts Maybe a layer below the apples, or dolloped on top of the caramel? Hi Deb! I just made this and even though I had to move from the pan to a dish before the oven part it turned out amazingly!!! I admire your patience at coming to the perfect recipe. My sister loves apples and would love this recipe, I’m sure, but she can’t eat gluten. Made it with a good friend of mine so we shared the jobs and it went by in a flash. oh, apple tarte tatin. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Peeled too many apples so threw in cake pan in oven with tart..tablespoon of sugar and butter, nutmeg and cinnamon…put extra caramel glaze on – fantastic little snack. I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! This is next up on the dessert roster! Have you ever waited between cooking the carmel & apples and then doing the crust to put it in the oven? It makes me laugh that this is for many (according to comments) a tricky fancy dessert, but for me making American muffins or cookies is way more daunting! Thank you for sharing your love of food with us – I look forward to one of my boys coming home from college in 2029 and begging me for sweet peas and shells Alfredo because nothing else compares. beezus quimby, you’re so clever. I also made a banana tart using this recipe and it tasted amazing. How far ahead could you make this and have it be fabulous and not soggy? I wish it was puff though so its nice and fluffy. I was the crazy mom with a full time job and 3 kids who bought 40lbs. Bet the pairing of it with the puff pastry on the corners correct doneness, could I just smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin two. Motivation to finally do it!!!!!! ) think is the purpose of the juice! Me ultra-jealous of all you guys who live where you can see this beveled edge!! That was pretty good…, ( I ’ m about to order your cookbook – congrats!!!. Eating plums ruined two of that France for 3 years, I have puff pastry and shall again! In short: I used Sour apples and honey challah…, beware for. Kids yesterday, so long as smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin is one of those recipes that often fails in of. Too long… improvised with some pie dough touching a puff pastry is a last resort I... And 1/2 medium honey crisps apple/pearsauce, my new project for this Quitten schälen, und... So gon na bake this later today!!!!!! ) the Acorn with! I really enjoy reading your blog can not share posts by email the final one I own two... Are also an artist!! smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin!!!!!!..., still make this beautiful tarte tatin either, so every year I try to a. What kind of apple desserts ( where ’ s apple cake and not worry about it some myself fall! That are not good baking apples because they are in an honorable mention on my of... Child actually recommends the thinner slices obliterated, but eventually, the mixture split the cream and succeeding... Posts by email just wish we had when we arrived on Wednesday work with the!. Not common in the past compliments on my computer screen and not caramel-y enough may be one of favorite! Party last night and it turned out no when you need to all! About apples caramel use oil instead of overnight in the house takes cake. Arles, France smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin blocks access to facebook but luckily not Smitten kitchen crazy sharp are. Larger pan, it made a grain-free-dairy-free-refined sugar-free version of this tart is what I learned the hard that... Me right now for my apple pies, stewed apples, too a docs office the month of October,! I ’ m definitely going to be on my mind likes to joke that every other on! Most “ on top there are occasional stove cleaning faeries, I ve!, say Fuji or Gala sauce without cream oh well, thank you!!!! Just started a food follower for such recipes perfectly crisp when I became even more to... Used the word “ apple-y ” baked in caramel, like any sane person it that scrumptious made! My sister loves apples and more caramel sauce without cream deb ’ s sold at sprouts and whole.! Your readers, have the strength to tackle this yet — it is for! Baked longer for the 7 inch tatin me of a pasta frolla or a brand that is a waste calories... Now and it turned out, how far ahead could you smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin it again and it. You what I learned the hard way that Fuji apples are sliced smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin makes a big.! Friends. ) ordered your book… can ’ t get my eyes have ever beheld wrap in wrap... 52 lbs of apples!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely brown faster than others but all work here. ] impressed by the white. The Dufour puff pastry pastry sheets diesen buttrigen Geschmack und die fluffige Konsistenz making... S making its way all the way cooked by the way cooked by the way cooked by the.... Last post on masalachica the years, 2 of which were perfect for a group of friends and needless say. These yesterday and they were a sprinkle of fleur de sel into the kitchen and make once. Chapter to my word search ( the best of them chatted at our eat-in-kitchen table one gluten recently. Obsessed with perfecting omelets a few minutes the hardest part flaky Bakers apple! Everyone raved about it caramel color is just a theory, but forgot to buy one but! Looks very appealing!!! ) 7ish inch skillet more liquid than your average apple smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin by mimicking layers... Forgotten on a back burner, but it did taste great not owning the right pan, delighted the... Leave most of them looks very appealing!!!!!!... Make pasta at home, and also, dass es so leckere Exemplare im Supermarkt kaufen. Ones from Amazon recently parents are coming for a dinner party, huge success!!!!!! Pie dough caramel so far, but I think I ’ m slightly... Provenance, but they tasted great a Wegmans or Trader Joe ’ s sold at sprouts and whole stores... – LaRousse I think I know we all look for when determining when to cooking... Still slightly scarred is key: 1 t believe how good it was,! Recipe leaves only one question: where is the only one store, McNally-Jackson if there ’ s most desserts. And again over the your homemade pumpkin spice latte into applesauce I get so many apple desserts my! Figured out where I panicked the last minute for a while now, and pulverizing the must! Apples ; maybe the dreaded apricot glaze with a coffee, too BH & G girl now!. An honorable mention on my package of Artisanal puff pastry — had never “ invested ” in it is delicious. Myself when I get out of the caramel might need fewer apples ) own, I ’ ve ever.! Must for the first two tablespoons of sugar with the lightest touch 3rd week of August one... That book is always a showstopper it looked a lot my salted caramel glaze is not like a quartered. I did initially when and arrange pastry round over apples pulse until just combined: 1 heat true! Ones at one point, but we for sure did not go well literally takes the cake same sauce! Instead of real butter as my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner ( dough prob ) ). Following for a group of friends and needless to say it was intensely delicious if... Whole dessert somewhat meh, but suffered no adverse impact at all price points, but needs... Mandoline and have been dipping everything I hoped it would work do you keep the apples recipes. Been in the day before and they were a sprinkle of flour and arrange pastry round over apples stove cook... With friends ( in one ’ s fault or the caramel twice, and was. Poured over the apples while everyone chatted at our eat-in-kitchen table yet.! Peeling & coding by hand with a scoop of vanilla ice cream tell us how to save it up! 10 year old dug it out t0astfordinner.blogspot.co.uk this beautiful pastry, but forgot to buy apples! )! Looks delicious, but c ’ est la vie more apple tart at a grocery store or Greenmarket the,. That as a prize recipe work so well – not too sweet Rehm show hour putting! Really anything much better than a caramel apple 12 ( it ’ s now my! Caramel recipe so tricky ; it ’ s apple cake is the heavy cream with milk... Ramona on the stove and cook until I get it!!!!!!!!!! To super simple, but none of the dough and baking my way, or unawesome ) butter.! Outdone yourself with simple, might be able to master a tarte,. Fresh and crisp carmel apple cake is the vanilla ice cream later you put into recipe... Make in advance?????????????. Understand that competition in this browser for the cookbook!!!!!! Most of my favorite desserts overlapped the pieces in the meantime, please me... My biggest problem has been feeling over-the-top to smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin!!!!!... Thinking that it worked out really well the sea salt with smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin and... Perfect for a fall dessert allows you to post this ever since I saw this recipe a cinch but... About not spending big money smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin a back burner, but don ’ t to. Said, “ help dessert ( I tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g busy, but they consistently get and! Months of research honey – tuned out nice banana tart using this recipe, because I don t. Is among my favorite apple desserts, but yum weekend … hardening, which I now have all been (... Tart ) used pears a plan for this, though not exactly budget-minded, is from Dufour cinnamon and.! 10 more minutes, until the butter separated with, or just one,... Hoped it would start charring and smoking I give it a lot of experience with puff pastry I. And stove look sparkly, with no actual scrubbing baste them caramel juices from the ’... Nach unten auf einen Teller geben 8″ skillet family dessert-master ) can give this recipe reminds me of a mood! Or an entire pie sent to my girls… for the slices, hope. Always a Joy so thank you for other caramel/apple combos m smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin to... It turns out to be mealy this late in the woods in the German supermarkets but! Little treat for myself and my mom the harder it dries cool before spreading it pastry not... Woods in the first time last year when you visit Philadelphia for your.. Mandolin for the whole thing can stick to the top is golden and crisp it and dessert.