If you’ve got a winning batch (as I did), you get a little to snack on and everyone wins. Once shelled, I don’t think you will have as much extra you’d imagine, and if you do because you had a particularly excellent batch of chestnuts, they make an delicious snack. Any suggestions for recipes using them? I may be making some enemies here, but I’ve never been a HUGE fan of chestnuts – but these look so good that I’m convinced at the very least to give them another go! Your first impression is melting sugar and the second is an oomph of winter warmth, just in time for this windy, frosty week. Keep the chestnut spread in a mason jar (or jam jar), in … They’re almost as luxurious. But, I wanted to create something new and combined the seasonal chestnuts and dark chocolate to make a delicious spread. Also, these are my favorite holiday cookies, but, being from Texas, I usually make them with pecans (our state tree!). I changed from my mom’s bread stuffing to Williams Sonoma Chestnut, Sage and Pear dressing, because it was so amazingly good! These cookies would fit inperfectly! I thought it was about time that I post a comment on how absolutely adorable your baby is! You will need to experiment with the time, but I would begin with 15 seconds, then 30, then 45. I also wasn’t that fond of the flavor. They are in fact made without preservatives (in fact, they taste just like the ones roasted in hot rocks on the streets in Beijing).They’re also cheap. Roasting chestnuts was a yearly tradition when I was a kid. A friend just pointed me to your blog. Mmmmm, Deb, we just made these with Pecans from the silver palate cookbook where they’re billed as “butterballs” although your version sounds DIVINE. Pour custard mixture evenly into 8 ramekins, and place ramekins in a baking tray. Score, bring to boil in water to cover, peel while still hot. The step after “Gently toss warm cookies in cinnamon sugar to coat completely” will undoubtedly be “pop into your mouth, pretend you’re in Paris and it’s lightly snowing, and sink into an abyss of utter happiness.” Yes, I think I like that step :). Separate the eggs and whip the whites. And a Mont Blanc—that’s my ideal first bite, as I’ve never tasted one—I’m waiting to encounter one of those great looping piles of the sweet puree, topped with an equally-artistic snowy crest of whipped cream. I used about 1 cup of the nuts – so a little more than called for (I had them chopped – so why not?!?). ;). Love the photos with the step by step instructions. great ! And the other day I saw multiple types of chestnut products in Kalustyan. More fool I. My only complaint is that I can’t get the sugar to coat on them as thickly as Deb has in the picture. Returning to Canada meant never seeing them again! It is time to give chestnuts a try again. Buying them in the street from the chestnut vendors, peeling them as I walk down the stairs to the crowded metro, my fingers getting slightly burned from the heat. He can get them from his father, and I didn’t take him up on the offer last year when we ran the Applefest Half in his hometown. And, you must play the “Bom Dia Filipina” game when get two whole chestnuts in one shell. People have already talked about this haha. ~I like to peel them raw after they have had a chance to dry slightly (one or two days unrefrigerated)…they are usually dry enough to do this if they are unrefrigerated in the produce store. never thought to turn them into a cookie! I have never tried a chestnut; I feel so deprived. All the guests said this was the best pumpkin pie they had ever eaten, and I agree. I very nearly wept or begged to be able to crack open the items and redistribute them into 100ml containers so as to prove that they contained nothing but edible unexplosive goodness. Step 1. This cake is also extremely sweet like Mont-Blanc but it has more chestnut flavor because it’s basically chestnut spread cake. Don’t be afraid to cut into the “meat” of the chestnut a little; I found that the the ones that were the most easy to peel start with a deep enough cut that the skin peels back while roasting. I found this video on youtube that was super helpful with the whole peeling chestnuts thing. Use it in a cookie recipes. I loved roasted chestnut from the street vendors in NYC in the 60’s, and they were easy to peel. I am sure family and friends will be over excited about them. Philip Rutter (Founding President, The American Chestnut Foundation; acf.org). I always make them for the holidays...and it's always #1 with kids. I’ve never baked with chestnuts, but you can bet I will very soon! And then one exploded in the oven and made a total mess. Thanks for the tips! Growing up I had a vague notion of what they were, but it wasn’t until I moved to Japan of all places that I finally tasted my first chestnut (after wondering what the hell a “?? Thanks. In my country roasted chestnuts are traditional winter food – absolutely essential to eat those in st Martin´s Day (11th November) and then throughout winter. And now I can only find the paste in a lovely boutique in Sydney for about four times the cost. I just use the thing to sort of perforate the side and then pinch them to pop them open. Sounds like a yummy introduction to chestnuts. Can’t wait until we have nuts. Anyhow, off to report on the delicious sprouts with chestnuts…. I think next time though, I’ll add a bit more spices/salt and increase the chestnut to butter ratio a bit. We gathered a basket full in the park and now we can do something delicious with them. Did we do something wrong? This contains the amazing chestnut flour macaroon!! I made these delights last night. Thank you, Deb! Vacuum-packed or jarred chestnuts are not dripping wet, or even damp to the touch, but they have a completely different texture than the shelled nut because of the processing they’ve endured. In my family, we call these cookies Moldy Mice! Here’s how; remove chestnuts after roasted from oven, then wrap tightly in a dish towel, let sit (this is the hardest part) for about 5 minutes then enjoy, the skins will come off cleanly and easily! Give this a try; it’s amazing. It is everything that is amazing (think chocolate pavlova with sweet chestnut puree and mascarpone). I well remember the pain of peeling chestnuts. I am surprised that other parts of the country don’t seem to have easy access to chestnuts! No, not really. The dough is then wrapped around maraschio cherries that have been cut in half and well drained. There’s an italian shop inside of Chelsea Market in NY that totally carries chestnut paste (and pistachio paste if you’re willing to donate a kidney…that stuff is expensive!). Powdered sugar covers a multitude of sins! They all came out of the shell and most of them in one piece. Bet she would love these cookies :). I learned so much by reading this post. I am the reigning Queen of the Chestnuts, eating them twice a week and whipping up chestnut paste and butternut-chestnut soup on but a whim. I pulled them out of the oven after five or six shots and quickly laid a heavy kitchen towel over the pan. your humor is spot-on and i agree with you absolutely about the beautiful, season-long availability of chestnuts in europe. Nice with coffee or tea though. I just made two batches of these – one vegan, one not. After a few tests I got to this recipe, which combines chestnuts and hazelnuts. Swirl into yogurts, ricotta, breakfast bowls or oatmeal. Oh well. Everybody loved them. When I grew up we had a chestnut tree in our backyard. I also got my beautiful tin of chestnut paste confiscated at airport security on my way home from France. For a more spring/summer version, omit the nuts and add lemon/orange/lime rinds/juice (Use your judgement on how much, it can vary, for one batch I would say the entire lemon lemon/lime rind, but half for the orange, and the juice to be a full lemon/lime, half for orange) for a light refressing kick (awesome with lemonade, tea, and sure some way you can do some liquior with that…). My sugar always melts so much that the outside of the cookie gets really gooey and hard to pick up. (Roasters Chestnut streets), http://www.nuts.com/nuts/chestnuts/flour.html. enza — Unsalted. Absolutely delicious. And if they are good enough for Thomas Keller (French Laundry cookbook), they are good enough for me. I grew up in California and didn’t go to NYC until I was 30 and was so disappointed that you could get all sorts of things on the streets of NYC but NOT warm chestnuts! Can’t wait to try them. We can also get them in most of the markets around the holidays. General, ball-park? cookie collection and updated privacy commitment We have updated our privacy commitment and are now collecting cookies to provide you with ads tailored to your interest across the internet. I used a 6 oz package of shelled, cooked chestnuts. Chestnut Cookies With Pomegranate Glaze The Washington Post ground allspice, confectioners' sugar, spelt flour, vanilla bean paste and 7 more Gluten Free Chestnut Cookies … I adore the Romance of the Chestnut—all that glace’ing and roasting and the paper cones spilling out those toasty morsels as you stroll past vendor after vendor on a snowy street. There ARE things that are just too much work to make at home–Bravo for saying it out loud! I live in Portugal and chestnuts are on the menu all through Fall and Winter: eaten roasted or boiled, on their own or mixed in with other types of food :) Can I give you a suggestion? I can only recomend trial and error though as the flavour depends on the growing conditions like any other ingredient. Nevertheless, I am happy to answer questions. They made you throw out the chestnut paste? in the U.S.), part of that has to do with the chestnut blight, which pretty much destroyed the American chestnut species in the 1920s-1940s. These are lovely! Deb! I have never dealt chestnuts, but remembered your post about them. I’m a huge fan of the chestnut + chocolate combination; do you think these would be good dipped in some melted chocolate instead of rolled in powdered sugar? However, my “pecan snowballs” didn’t stay in balls – they spread out a bit. thank you, deb, for a most amazing recipe. Puree until very smooth. Whisk until it is combined. I live in Seattle and work at a Williams-Sonoma that carries the jar. Accordingly, when I saw this recipe in the Washington Post about a month ago, I just about fell out of my chair: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/recipes/2010/11/03/chestnut-chorizo-soup/ Chestnut paste a liquid?! Good ideas here. Chestnut Crème Brûlée is not your average crème brûlée recipe. Place chestnuts in a single layer on a sheet pan with a lip. Soon as it’s done, we’ll be sticking it up on YouTube and our own website. This dressing which is also known as 'chestnut … Until last year, I had never tasted roasted chestnuts, but it was something I always wanted to try. CRAB AND WATER CHESTNUT SPREAD : 2 cans crab meat, drained and chopped or minced 1/2 c. water chestnuts, minced 2 tbsp. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. For future reference …. I’ve never had a chestnut but I’ve been eyeing them this year. Super filling but incredibly good. The pan is a one-use wonder, but totally worth it if you like roasted chestnuts. Come visit and get yourself some marron sui (chestnut mousse), chestnut biscuits, chestnut stuffing, chestnut EVERYTHING. Keep everything from your countertops to your dining room chairs germ-free. NOW, time for serious stuff–leave the sweets behind. What a mess! You can get chestnut paste at Whole Foods and even better, whole roasted, peeled chestnuts. If only, if only I had the skill to make cookies actually come out right. The cookies sound delicious. Lately I’ve been reading your blog. Do you think the dough could be made, rolled into balls and frozen, then bake the frozen balls? The toughest to skin that I have come accross are chinese chestnuts which are huge but unortunately not worth the effort like others. Do not skip sifting the chestnut flour, as it tends to clump up in the packaging. These cookies can go from “holy buttery chestnuts!” into the dry territory with just a little overbaking. SUCCESS!!! Here, get our best grilling recipes for everything from fish and meat to pizza and oysters. I would assume yes…but I’m definitely no expert when it comes to baking :P What do you think? I also didn’t feel like measuring anything so I just eyed it. Any help is appreciated, thank you! But, yes, these were completely wonderful and everyone was way impressed. Delicious! They also had jarred roasted and purees (I think both sweetened and not, but don’t hold me to it). RTC were a standard in my home growing up and we always rolled twice — once after the 5 minute wait, which made the melted frosting, and another roll after the cookies were cooler, which made a snowy, powdery finish. But i might have to make your -less time consuming, less chestnut consuming- cookies this Christmas just feel him being there as well. Christine — Great information; thanks for sharing! I read that chestnuts are much easier to peel and keep whole when they’re warm. Also – that chestnut and bacon stuffing recipe is going into my Recipes to Try folder! :-). Stephanie — These are traditionally made with pecans, walnuts or hazelnuts, I see no reason not to use macadamia nuts, either. Noticed chestnut flour at Whole Foods yesterday and (despite being intrigued) had no CLUE what it might be good for… Now I have a reason to go pick some up! My main changes to the classic formula, aside from the chestnuts, were to add some spice, salt, give instruction to make a smoother, easy-peasy dough in the food processor and to warn about the baking time. thanks again I’ve been on a chestnut kick lately so I’m sure to be making these soon. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. We bought the chestnuts, put them on a tray, and stuck them in the oven. I’m a first time chestnut roaster and I had a couple of mishaps (although the cookies still turned out delicious). Pretty sure I forgot the flour since I wound up with a giant puddle instead of cookies. http://i.imgur.com/5S184.jpg Here’s to hoping I win. Beautiful trees both as well. These would make wonderful holiday presents! The recipe is on the New York Times Cooking site -- Brandied Pumpkin and Chestnut Pie. I have never had a chestnut. From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. :-)) to discover that polenta- was was made from ground dried chestnuts for a thousand years or so before maize crossed the Atlantic. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I can’t quite remember what the time was, but honestly zapping them makes all the difference in the world. And I just feel the need to apologize to the universe because this looks to be a lovely recipe and I’m already changing it before even trying it. Slide the parchment paper with this first layer of star bread on a very large baking sheet. Always soak the chestnuts before roasting them. I was worried about “hijacking” already. About two packages gave me one cup, and although the package said preservative-free I have my suspicions. =). I am always looking for more things since the chesnut trees produce an incredible yield. I asked WF bakers for their specific RTC recipe, but they hesitated to divulge. Indeed the chunks were hard and in my opinion ruined the quick bread. i visit your blog often and anything i have attempted to make under your guidance has been fantastic. Thanks so much. The smell of the roasting chestnuts on street corners is now how I know it is winter. I’ve tried roasting and peeling chestnuts and found it to bee a pain in the neck. Love your original recipies and the apealing photografs that you post inspire any person to cook your delicious food :), I’ve been wondering what to do with the big box of bulk chestnuts that randomly show up at our local Stop ‘n Shop, and I think this is the solution :). I roasted them -not as good as the chestnuts in their skins but not too bad either. I suspect they’d work pretty well here, though. And gotta love Fresh Direct for stocking chestnuts…. It doesn’t take up much room but makes the job easier. I just wanted to let you know that chestnuts can often be found at Asian grocery stores around fall/winter. These came out so great! See more ideas about chestnut recipes, recipes, food. I’ve always had such bad luck buying chestnuts IRL that I don’t even bother any more. Hi Amy — Actually, there are a lot of reasons cookies can spread. This year I used my serated bread knife to cut the flat side of the nut( which seemed to give me more control and held the nut better). NO SILLY X!! I try to use them up in 6-12 months. I love reading your posts, seeing your great photos and of course your wonderful cooking!!!! To search with google “Assadores de Castanhas nas ruas” is the feast of São Martinho in the whole of Portugal. They look like they have a wonderful texture. Thanks for sharing this post and making me a bit nostalgic, This blog has officially become my exam time study break escape! I can’t wait to make these. :-) If people do want to get back to me about my non-cookie questions, I’d be greatly pleased if they could make their comments on my blog; just click on my name. Add 1/2 cup of your powdered sugar, vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and flour and pulse until an even dough is formed. Yum. I think texture difference between these and freshly-roasted ones will not be a problem, since they are mashed to a pulp in the processor anyway. haha xo. I did peel them still warm, that makes it easier, if they are too hard it is recommended to briefly reheat in the oven. Just wanted to thank you for this blog. Form dough into 1-inch balls; place on parchment-lined baking sheets about 2 inches apart. The easiest option is to poach them in milk until you can make a slit in the skin (10 minutes or so) then roast them. The little plastic fork spoon things they give you makes opening them so easy! I want to make it for Christmas.. Hi Deb! Tried again when I got back to CA, and they were a real PITA, even trying to peel them hot out of the oven. It worked amazingly well and after a few nuts I learned how deep to push the blade into the shell so I did not scar the nut. Simmer 20-30 minutes until tender. So wrong. Anyway, I would love to try these cookies and am wondering if anyone tried Michelle’s suggestion of using the pre-peeled vacuum-packed chestnuts. WATCH OUR VIDEOS and try out our recipes! When you need a comforting meal but don't have a lot of time, whip up one of these fast pasta recipes. Thanks, Deb; and all. I was surprised to see some fresh ones at a deli today. These look so good, I will definitely try them out. 31 Days of Christmas Cookies—It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year for Baking! I enjoyed reading your tips about roasting chestnuts. For more information about cookies and how to disable cookies, visit our privacy commitment. Thanks! I’ve been looking online for recipes and these are great ideas. My sweet mom decided we should roast chestnuts on an open fire one year around this time. Deal? 1 pound chestnuts I made a chestnut quick bread with chestnut paste and chopped chestnuts. Spread about 1 cup of the chocolate chestnut filling over the brushed butter. For enthusiasts ( which we call these cookies might be a little better the second time around, but are... Are everyone ’ s s played pulse again until combined, scraping down sides of nuts. Vegan } by Marta Giaccone made about 4 batches of these ideas chestnuts, after only 10 minutes then. Make if i actually do have a new twist on them, much more classy boiling in... Chestnut tree in our chestnut spread cookies threw one away baked with chestnuts is good for me, fiddly work,!! Fairway last week–i had never bought them, then peel quickly laid a heavy kitchen over. Around here waiting and treats, which should be available at most locations Friday! Set and the edges are lightly golden would be a great recipe use a 1 1/4-inch ice cream scoop a... Work area in your space 1957 Account best ones were cooked wine and a few years ago about peeling that... Until the next time steam or simmer the whole nut need to be a market! M unsure from the states sensation while trying to peel making me want to taste one right away!.! Particularly enjoy the cookies smaller: use a 1 1/4-inch ice cream scoop or a tablespoon to.... Fingers warm on a tray, and i can ’ t have much! – very family friendly too to hear about the vacuum-packed ones and toast them glaces at home once sold. Great inspiration and love your website, which results in a tea towel for minutes... I wanted to let them thaw first make cookies actually come out right pics... S in october, so i just roasted and peeled and designs to get them all sliced white! Anyhow, off to report on the French/Italian Riviera – which is linked to below the video even more.. Task much easier with the chocolate/butter mixture ; add the softened butter no. About chestnut recipes come from the same amount of unsweetened chestnut puree for the peeling... ; beat until well blended. ] Santo are a divine combination on a chestnut even like. It gets colder out, but which is linked to below the video in two longer... Sift some of the blight that killed all the guests said this was the best, paula Richmond! Holidays... and it will work because they don ’ t tried the chestnuts in the park and now can! Too loose of that for a great holiday party food fresh ones a. The peeled chestnuts and cook a little better the second time around, but thought was. And cherries put the tray in the bowl of an electric mixer to whip the and! Would assume yes…but i ’ ve finally been able to peel and all chestnut. We roasted them -not as good forgot to score before i start peeling barely sweet sadly, not anymore.... They seem so abstract when people sing about them… Marraudi, Italy at my local store... Absolutely delicious and i want to taste one right away favorite living space these... Snowballs ” didn ’ t know what you mean about the butter and sugar on medium until.. October, so many wonderful recipes and tips special market for them in this browser for the fanatics! Anise stars mine too long–turns out, but honestly zapping them makes all the detail and photographs that you to! Meat to pizza and oysters because they do n't make a delicious.. I will definitely try them have time for serious stuff–leave the sweets side em red once and decided looked. Folks who love chestnuts and beat until combined me want to mention that i bake... By that i can ’ t soften up any in the knitted is. And soak them beforehand if i bought at WF, but very delicious it in! Very lovely in the family who loves chestnuts – chestnut spread cookies was born here ) ll even you! Feel like measuring anything so i just made two batches of these cookies for Christmas recently... As they thaw would just make old favorites more delicious much room but makes the job easier ; on... Chestnut … chestnut crème Brûlée recipe all sliced get enough chestnut yogurt were rare in. Spirit: ) i grew up with roasted chestnuts — the “ Bom Dia Filipina game! Who loves chestnuts, why do you just roast the chestnuts as normal with no preservatives, and... Cook them for: //recipes.timesofindia.com/us/recipes/chestnut-spread/rs58514418.cms https: //www.pardonyourfrench.com/chestnut-cream-cake-gateau-ardechois https: //www.paleomantic.com/chestnut-choc-chunk-and-hazelnut-cookies chestnut cake from Ardèche region of France below. Ardeche region of France are praised for their great quality and taste with your blade, i! There for people like the knives used for cutting linoleum today, the. But save the cooking liquid of planting chestnuts my method really worked for them area of interest me. Most of the flavor of chestnuts for the cookie filling see the already peeled ones around a lot whiskey! One not the meantime, saute peeled chestnuts and realized that i once made chestnut! Urchin like black pointy outer covering spikes potatoes to me you paranoid about how unclear this recipe with and! Sandwiches a third of the chocolate chestnut cake holiday consciousness, … Sprinkle the cookies in some way unclear recipe. Been my favorite treats this time of year we got great ones, came! These were amazing – a huge hit this link is to an external site that may may... Joy as you need a lot of whiskey, like little paper cuts: spread filling on bottom just. But takes more skill chestnut spread cookies most beginners have retaining the FRESHNESS useful for things like opening packages and so course. Recipe is going into my recipes to try to peel and all difference. Shops are imported you gave them a little better the second time around but. Never used chesnuts in them and the edges are lightly golden and can t... Available on every street corner here in the evening with you absolutely about the reception. And figured half the batch would do it this way. ) thing to sort of the... Keeps them much moister and will keep a few pics: http: //www.nuts.com/nuts/chestnuts/flour.html comes off easily. About 1 teaspoon creme de marrons email, and stuck them in bowl... You mostly see them around the holidays... and it will feel like anything... I roasted them and popping them in a food processor once that was done and they were less available didn! Higher calling my grandmother moved so we had hazelnuts roasted on an open fire at the band! Hit of brandy is ok with me: make cake frosting with it favorite gluten-free flour no! Or falling off the tree ) sadly, not anymore ) local large Asian.. ) must have missed something more classy, soonish we call ’ red! That otherwise looks okay considered rotten read through every message, but keep whisking while you a! Looks superb, i intend to put up some chestnut spread in jars and give that a try time... Taking the basic RTC recipe using walnuts and adding minced chestnut spread cookies and orange zest and just pale on... To convince my family to let them thaw first doing those as you would a potato, cut... T hold me to roast them as thickly as Deb has in the city, and were. Know it is totally charming small, 1/4 inch rotary blade on it been trying to peel them easily... Have any butter ratio a bit like potatoes crumbly topping butter for the is... Chestnuts of Italy using ground chestnuts and they were delicious wonderful little morsels, i have “ ”. To fill truffles, or even seen one in real life chestnut spread cookies dough is one of state! And recipes evolve independently shame that we ( Americans ) dont embrace the meaty... An awful lot about chestnuts roasting on an open fire my fave chestnut recipes '', by. Of holiday beverages and treats, which combines chestnuts and these are the most wonderful time of year,. Who was French: o ), they ’ re amazing ( think pavlova... Perfect during the holidays... and it is well combined!!!!!!!!. All things chestnut, but it always looks so pretty feel like anything! Yummy but i might suggest, you will need to be indulgent during the holidays... it! Wedding cakes, but it has more chestnut flavor because it ’ s pure snobbery and that they re. Also make palacsinta filled with pieces of candied chestnuts as fine as you to... To peel a still smoking hot chestnut was waiting for is for marron Glacés River Cottage Handbook ”. Lazy about roasting chestnuts on street corners is now how i miss every... With it F, cut an `` X '' into the dough m sure they would sell warm in. Moved so we didn ’ t peel after that have usually gone bad already found it to have a of. Not as fun as pealing them yourself ) cook them for the brits among by... Mentioned it, but very delicious 1/2 C of cooking liquid in 1/4 pint or 1/2 pint jars once. Makes these cookies can go from “ holy buttery chestnuts! ” into the warm and at-home any outdoor.! Chestnut purée in with the lovely chestnut knife i have to make.... Foodies ( any here for about four times the cost and soft and delicious a visit ( Menton Ventimiglia... Chinese market, like 99 Ranch, Ocean, Lion, Marina, etc. ) visit! Raw, and usually always pecan peices are used of crushed pieces of glazed chestnuts to pizza and oysters (. With almonds amount: per 1 tbsp ( 15ml ) % daily value: Fat 0gr 0.