Philosophy, Purpose and Goals of the Healing Centres


Family violence is a result of power imbalance within the family, community and society. It is an individual and societal problem. Intervention and prevention of family violence is the responsibility of everyone.

To develop and maintain a healthful and non-violent lifestyle, healing must take place on all levels, beginning with the individual, family, community and environment. This means making healthful choices in preventing family violence.


Our purpose is to encourage and support women, men and children who experiences violence to develop and practice a peaceful and healthful lifestyle.


In keeping with our vision in creating a peaceful, healthful lifestyle for all Mi’kmaq women, men and children, our goals include:

-        To ensure protection, safety, shelter and basic life necessities to women and/or children and outreach services to men.

-        To provide a 24-hour Crisis Support telephone line.

-        To provide support and information to women, men and children to enable them to develop and maintain a peaceful and healthful lifestyle.

-        To offer Individual and Group counseling and Support Services for women, men and children (in-house and outreach).

-        To offer Referral and Follow-Up Services to other social service programs.

-        And to provide Community Education in Family/Public Violence Intervention, Treatment and Prevention.