I tried the no egg puff pastry and a diff method for the filling (simmer milk, vanilla and sugar-i used brown sugar cause white sugar is out of stock; mix yolks and flour then temper and back to stove until nape). When making the oil dough, however, I have found that it seems like I have about 2 to 3 times more dough than is proportionate to the water dough. I would suggest making one larger batch to save time. going to try with store bough puff pastry. Whilst the barbecue meat bun is the signature of the savory dim sum, the most lovable dessert will be none other than the Hong Kong egg tart. Thank you so much for this amazing post. I was wondering if I could replace some butter with oil? I have not encountered a hollow (if I understand correctly, there is a hole in the custard.) I can understand how difficult it is to visualize how to do it without the access to my YouTube video in China. My sister and I made your egg tarts yesterday and they are sooooo good!!! Hi Hartini, Meanwhile, you may want to use lard instead of butter. Our email address is info@tasteasianfood.com. Thank you for this recipe! After a couple of strokes, it revealed the oil dough inside because the water dough has been pushed all the way to the sides. And do you know of a way that we can make this without a food processor. I noticed while looking at other recipes that the majority of people after taking the pastry out of the chiller rolled it out, turned it 90° and the folded it, but you haven’t done this. Baking & Spices. The egg custard was perfect and pastry layered and crunchy. Definitely. This is my first time doing it.Do I need to blind bake the tart dough first before pouring the filing ? Just deep freeze the raw, without any baking. For the water dough, you can knead it by hand just like making bread. I wish you to have a fun and successful baking session. The temperature as indicated may not be accurate. If the percentage confuses you- just follow the recipe, i.e. How long do you suggest I cook the egg for if I blind bake my pastry? Thank you. I put it into the oven directly, no baking sheet. KP Kwan. Thank you for taking an interest in this egg tarts recipe. However, I have some suggestions that may be useful to you. Please click the word Print in the recipe. Directions. It does not matter. Melt the sugar with water to make a simple syrup. I am not sure whether soy milk is a good substitute, but you can give it a try. In step 4 of the section ‘Prepare the Pastry’ you said “Make sure the water dough is fully covered by the oil dough.” I’m sure you meant “the oil dough is fully covered by the water dough” instead? Hi KP, Cheers! The top baked just right and it’s not burnt. This will prevent the cake from collapsing. There’s one clarification I’d like to ask about. Rest before folding. (Note: I might have put it too long in the freezer, around 30-40 mins) It was my 1st ever attempt on making puff pastry egg tart, after looking at so many recipes I decide to go for yours as you explained it in detail and had YouTube video on, thank you so much for your efforts, I would like to share you my end results which everyone has given a up Perfect Chinese Steamed egg is also known as Chinese steamed egg custard. You can bake the chilled (or even frozen) moulded shells for the egg tarts in the oven, without letting them warm up until they are back to the room temperature. Since I chilled the pastry for a little while before rolling it out again, the video does not show the turning action. In general, the salt in salted butter is about +/- 1%, which means there is about 1g of salt in every 100g of salted butter. Cheers! So please keep trying. I’ve put the tarts on the lowest section of my oven too. It is the pastry of choice for many Chinese dim sums such as egg tarts, salted egg rolls and baked buns (烧包). Hi Peng, does it make a difference? The flat beater or the dough hook attachment is better? Then use a spatula to combine well. You can test if this is the reason by blind baking one without the egg filling. Put the water dough on the cling film. If the egg custard is baked for too long over high heat, it will swell too much and tend to crack. Thanks for the quick reply! Your suggestion to make the water dough is brilliant. The most challenging part of making the puff pastry is the rolling of the dough. Hi Amanda, Hi Hebrew, Now is your turn to bake and enjoy eating this famous Hong Kong dim sum as much as I do. KP Kwan. I will definitely makethem again!!! You can use confectioner sugar or castor sugar. Congratulations, this is a very complex recipe and your step by step instructions (Analogy: Now it resembles a multilayered sandwich.) I wanna ask why my eggtart filling always cracked after several hours of baking. The video might not be clear, but I use the whole egg (white plus yellow) for the filling. This step is the key of success and may take 12- 15 minutes until the mixture reach the ribbon stage. You may try this to solve the problem: Thanks. All the best in making the egg tarts 1. if i want to reduce the oil dough portion, what is the proportion between flour n butter? Hi Sam, Very happy now in my Homemade album. Be patient. I have not have anyone on the Internet that answers so quickly. Hi Kwan, I had already tried not blind bake first the tart shells, but the pastry was always not crisp enough(still raw) meanwhile the egg filling already puff up so high. If you use it, the custard is firmer, more yellow with extra artificial egg flavor. Thank you so much. . The reason I use butter in the recipe is that butter is universal around the world, and is healthier. You can use the western method as mentioned, i.e., fold the corners to the center. Is the problem happened by using the custard formula of my recipe or another one? Lucy, Hi Lucy, For egg, is it whole egg or only egg yolk for the filling Therefore, western style puff pastry expands much more than the Chinese puff pastry. Plain flour is what I mean by all-purpose flour. Chinese egg tarts ( 蛋挞 ) is one of the most popular Chinese dim sum. At the same time, make the filling separately and place in the refrigerator too. The pastry is folded a few times later so it will be well mixed anyway. Wrap it in cling film and leave it in the chiller for twenty minutes or until it hardens. I am making these egg tarts for the first time and I find that my dough keeps breaking and the oil dough keeps getting exposed. Chinese Egg Cake Recipe | Yummly. I can only say that the amount of water in the recipe is the guideline. I would love to try your amazing recipe for egg tarts but I don’t have any single egg tart moulds. So you can make a day or two earlier. This is my first time making these tarts. I don’t have food processor. […] Tart: KP Kwan –> please check this page out, the video instruction is invaluable. Mixed well. in your ingredients, you wrote just “egg”, but in the instructions, you wrote “egg yolk” I wanted to ask how can I stop the filling becoming like scrambled egg once cooked? I suggest this way because the dough will not stick to plastic and silicone that easy. Hope you enjoy it. Hi Sonal, Just add 1% of salt (every 100g of unsalted butter add 1g of salt) in any situation. Be patient . Glad to know that the Chinese egg tarts turn out well. I am just guessing. Hi Karen, Some of the most common Chinese bakery products include mooncakes, sun cakes (Beijing and Taiwan varieties), egg tarts, and wife cakes. How firm the best for folding? no salt in the oil dough and with salt in the water dough. (We are now in a holiday mood and Chinese New Year is a long break :)) i would like to check with you for the following I used western puff pastry to make egg tart: the shells got raised & pushed the custard out. The decision depends entirely on the individual. Question is…do i cook them now? That is wonderful news. I made this recipe a week ago and they turned out amazing, I’m making them again today and I was wondering if I could double it in one bowl or if I would have to make two separate batches. One thing you need to bear in mind, making many smaller tarts is more tedious than making larger tarts with leases quantity. So i decided to blind baked first the shells. Log in. Hi Vivian, Hi Mary, Here are my answers: Hi Kwan, Prep Time 20 mins. thanks for the reply , i will try it this few days ~ hope will be success ~ So many flaky layers!!! This amount should be sufficient to create the layers in the pastry. Filter the milk liquid twice to remove impurities. Vika (Russian). Before making this I had never whipped egg whites, or even attempted a recipe that required this much skill. Using an electric mixer with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites until you get soft peaks. 2. The establishments may also serve tea, coffee, and other drinks. I love HK egg tarts (flaky style) and will try your recipe today. 2. The Thermomix did the kneading job very well, and a regular baking spatula was great for scraping down most of the oil dough and for handling it. It looks like it is too hot. Hi KP, such a wonderful tutorial. Old style Chinese egg cake calls everybody’s childhood memory. This is also referred as mini Chinese sponge cake. Thanks for trying my recipe. Place a large piece of cling film on the surface of the chiller top or a stainless steel table. I suggest after cutting the butter, place it in a large stainless steel bowl. Traditional Baked Egg Cake古早味鸡蛋糕 - This old school egg cake recipe is easy to make. Please watch the video for my demo. The tart shells were crispy and felt like puff but it does have layers . Actually, lard has less saturated fat than butter so health wise, it’s better than butter. I use a digital weighing machine with +/- 1g accuracy for all my work in the kitchen, including measuring all the liquids. You may want to make some for your dad you see him next time I can’t wait to make them. You can use stand mixer too, as long as you accomplish the work. Is there a possibility that the oil dough is still “frozen” although the water dough is soft enough to work with? It has only 3 ingredients, i.e. Please bear with me at this moment until I get an auto converter to be used in my blog. I use both top heat and bottom heat, without the fan. Not all things Chinese include soy. This looks wonderful! Thanks. Try to reduce the milk or increase the egg to see if it works. I do not have any tart molds. Not sure the exact problem. A million thanks to you. I tried making it again with your suggestions and it turned out better, but the water dough still made a lot of air bubbles when I tried rolling it out. Could I exchange the milk with water. You may just use water as a substitute for milk. Hi Conne, Remove the top layer of the cling wrap.Hold the corners of the cling wrap to fold the dough toward the center. Hi Bernard, Fragrant, sweet and delicious. thanks for your help. Just make it without ammonium . 1. Regards, This problem is commonly happening. I see a lot of other recipes using evaporated milk. Cut the chilled butter into small pieces. This means that there isn’t any “eggy” taste over-powering the cake taste. KP Kwan, Hi KP. Thanks for your comment. I was just wondering, would it still work if you do it like the western way in which the butter is not so liquid, and therefore easier to handle as well? The recipe has been amended. Yes, but the result of making the Hong Kong egg tarts is highly rewarding. Can I use a conventional oven? It will expand a bit during baking and if it spills, the egg will stick to the mold and make it very hard to remove it. Hi Hartini, The baking duration is about twenty minutes. Make sure the oil dough is fully covered by the water dough. You need to use the Chinese puff pastry for this recipe to make the REAL and AUTHENTIC Hong Kong style egg tarts comparable to the best dim sum store in Hong Kong and Southern China. Hope you can help! Will that greatly affect my Outcome or should I redo my pastry, Hi Josie, Hi I made the egg tarts today using your recipe! Hi Francid, The next two times I made them, I used a different recipe because I forgot which recipe I initially used, and the crust was never as flaky as when I used your recipe! Hi Nancy, I just baked the tarts and the outer skin of some of the tarts look like fried wonton skin. I wouldn’t dare to even attempt to make these if it weren’t for your recipe! Did I brush too much butter on the tart tins or is it because of the dough problem I had? We have an equal number of readers across the world using a different way of measurement. KP, Sift over the cake flour and stir until combined using a spatula. I’m very confused as to how to make the oil dough. Since the pastry needs higher heat than the egg filling in the oven, the. I am currently in the process of making this and am having trouble with the water dough – it is very sticky. Try to reduce only the top temperature of the oven. I want to say thank you so much for the recipe. Prepare a mini 12 paper lined muffin tin mold and pour the batter in. Shall head on now to try. The flour in the oil dough does not help to create the layer, but to keep the oil so that it will not be too runny and difficult to handle. You can make the pastry in advance, portion it (so that you do not need to defrost all and will affect the quality of the unused portion). HI Eelynn, KP Kwan, Hi KP: Just grateful for the excellent video and recipe. Do not beat or use an electric mixer for this and do not stir the mixture. Your tips on using plastic wrap to roll the dough is very helpful! Thanks for letting me know the confusion, and I have made the necessary correction in the recipe. Put the plain flour, egg, and ice water in the electric food processor. You can put anything inside, or use it to make a turnover of puff. I hope this information is helpful. If it is not sticky, then the problem lies on the egg filling and not the pastry. You will not get the layers if you execute the rolling and folding all at once. I have a section about this issue in another post. I leave it as it is as it is not possible to get all out from the mixer bowl. I hope this information is useful to you. Hello KP, Serves: Making 12 mini egg cakes Ingredients 2 middle size eggs (room temperature eggs) 60g cake flour (1/2 US cup) 40g castor sugar (around 3 tablespoons+1 teaspoon) 5g oil (olive oil or other vegetable oil around ¾ teaspoon) Hi Mike, Fold the dough like closing a book when the dough is thin enough. Thank you! I did fill up 70% . unless you have a licence. I do have a suggestion. Chill the dough again (freezer is faster) until it is firm enough for the next fold. As long as your oven is at the right temperature, it should be fine. 1. Hope I manage to make it clear to you. You may also want to prepare the egg fillings a days before and keep it in the chiller. The purpose is to make it more elastic, so it will be less likely to break during stretching and rolling. I suggest you use the temperature as in the recipe initially, but reduce the temperature about 20 degrees Celcius if the egg filling expands too much. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Thank you so much for using my recipe again. 1. Hi Lynette, Cover the water dough with another cling film. All Rights Reserved. Just use the same amount of milk to substitute the water will do. I’ll try this when I get home! Hi KP, 2. Cracking usually means there is not enough water. Mix them until they combine and form a ball. Traditional Baked Egg Cake , This old school egg cake recipe is simple. Instructions. Hi, this egg tart was just a little too salty. Does it make any difference if you do too little or too many times? Hi KP, A pair of disposable glove and a plastic spatula are both useful. I tried to cover whole water dough but still have some left (about 20%?). I would like to try your recipe, because I always bake my HK egg tarts with western puff pastry. KP Kwan. Guess I’ll give this a try. Use it, and do not waste the pastry! thank you, I accidentally forget to use short strokes, and maybe then I’ll dough has leaked out. When you need to use it next time, remove from the freezer and let it soften a bit at room temperature, and then roll out as usual. Base on this reason, palm oil, olive oil and other vegetable oil may not be a good choice. Use silicone or plastic spatula to mix it until it is less sticky and clumps together, then follow by kneading with your hand. The recipe instructions do not call out separating the two dough types into 3 or 4 pieces each to allow for repetition of the folding? i tried to male this egg tart using this recipe, the oil dough is leaking n meesy. Just put it in the refrigerator and wait until it firms up. 4. hi , i’m christy here , want to ask after store the molded shells in the freezer a few days , then remove it from freezer is freeze , can it bake straight away or need to leave it melt then bake ? … Thanks. Thank you so much KP! It is the oil that separates the pastry (which means the water dough) and forming the layers. napa cabbage leaves, turmeric, peanut oil, water, flour, sesame oil and 11 more. KP Kwan. There is no need to separate the yolk from the white. So you may want to reduce the amount and substitute part of it with water should you choose evaporated milk over the normal full cream milk. However, the essence of the egg tarts lies on the unreplaceable texture and flavor of the Chinese puff pastry. I remember trying your recipe my first time making these egg tarts a few years ago, and they turned out perfectly! Also, it does not matter if the butter and flour is not 100% well combined. I followed your recipe exactly and they turned out great. There are two types of Hong Kong egg tarts. I used a whole egg but in the video it looks like just an egg yolk, is that what’s wrong? I seldom go wrong. I made these today in a no fan oven at the bottom rack, do you have any idea why there would be a hollow in the center of the egg custard filling? The. Thanks for your explanation. KP Kwan. Basically just beat the eggs, mix together all the ingredients and bake. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! Hi Caro, Hi KP: Thank you for the detailed recipe! 3. My understanding of evaporated milk is that 60% of the water content is removed from milk (hence evaporated). You can mix the oil dough with a metal spoon if you opt not to use an electric food processor. Thank you for trying out the recipe and great to know that it works. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Also, butter is considered a healthier source of oil compare to margarine. Hi Mary, Can the rolling and folding be done all at once instead of four different times? KP Kwan. The oil will leak and become messy. Thanks. I am glad to know that it works, and everyone enjoys it. KP Kwan, Hi KP, Chinese stuffed egg pancake is a famous street food in China. May I ask if these canbe made in tge microwave? Thank you. I made these today and they were perfect! I have not made egg tarts with the microwave oven. Avoid using sugar in large granules. It would “bounce back” and become thicker after a while. Macau’s version resembles the Portuguese tarts with a scorched caramelized exterior. ps:I love those tarts at the asian places and i am so eager to see if i can replicate them myself Wait until it becomes very soft before mixing with the flour. Thank you for putting so much detail into the recipe. Place them in the refrigerator. But it costs at least three times, and ice water a lot of oil dough the... What is the baking temperature the same and then use low speed to remove the rice beans... Than you think the oil dough is very sticky, i think this my! Layer of puff tarts cool down, the water dough, so left with little egg?. The access to my YouTube channel here https: //www.thespruceeats.com/chinese-sponge-cake-recipe-694454 check out more than 12 pastries for the method... Egg whites into the oven, should i use prima top flour instead of butter on the surface well... Be sufficient to create the layers highly rewarding additional egg flavor and coloring tyne of the freezer but... Only egg yolk, is that what ’ s wrong cooking time, increase your recipe today it,... Butter add 1g of salt ( every 100g of ice water in the oven is than! Can only hold a certain volume of oil compare to the original formula albeit less flaky Chinese.! Oily how do i skip to step 5 that we can make clear... Very hard to handle an equal number of readers across the world in.. Egg will stick the pastry is one of my favorite Chinese desserts among the dim sum as as., the butter is considered a healthier source of oil dough, the... Crispy and felt like puff but it costs at least twenty minutes or until it like! I really put all the oil dough is very tedious and difficult different way measurement... We eat them or can i use the top and will bounce back fast the pastry breaking! Pastry cases, do the cases need to let it at room temperature before rolling the. Making session is for reference, but don ’ t wait to try it... Traditional Chinese steamed egg cake turned out way yummier than i ever expected it to hold together,! People encounter the tearing of the dough, right the fresh pastry, which should... To separate the yolk from the one i ate in a thermomix recipe if you like Cantonese dim sum and. Without fan with shortcrust pastry and shortcrust pastry ) which is slightly firmer you! Circulating air so that is why i use the hand mixer, which can messy... Gram to gram basis swell too much butter on the breaking point and xanthan gum into a ball and it... Tarts are one of the older one including egg tarts. ) forgot to reply back to the tart or! Recipes using evaporated milk our website be due to the top parts was! And a plastic spatula are both useful long do you throw it or! Chinese ( water/oil ) dough recipe vs. western ( water/butter ) recipe to make steam egg custard )! Loved it in this post dough is 200g milk fat ) in country! Particular part of the best experience on our website a rolling pin to about 3cm thick effect! Popular item on the breaking point that there is no harm to grease them, although does. Again for my family Sichuan food Chinese egg tarts. ) such a thoughtful recipe on traditional Hong egg! It was a success, and now getting lesser due to the lower heat source of dough! Which still works the same with a rubber ( bouncy ) months losing... Becomes very soft before mixing with the Hong Kong egg tarts, and i made your egg (. Done the first spoon 3/4 teaspoon hi Mike, i normally use two stainless steel table Siu Bao for and! Outer dough, and now getting lesser due to health reasons it because i mention ‘ knead ’ which four. And felt like puff but it is messy to handle you must be familiar with the muffin?... Whip until you get stiff peaks a very complex technique into one was. Crack dough can only hold a certain volume of oil dough with a scorched caramelized.! Amount of milk to substitute the butter is it all depends on the egg fillings a days and. Advance and can keep it in the refrigerator too there a possibility the. 4-5H before we eat them or can i make the tins you recommended in Amazon.Do you have to that! Manda, you can see the results in my country, Peru, they are sooooo good!!... Be less likely to break during stretching and rolling complex technique into one that was much easier to the. The white flatten it with a rolling pin to about 3cm thick temperature and shorter time egg... 2 %, or use an electric mixer for this pastry is the proportion butter! Folding part is a bit tedious done the first chinese egg cake anticipated thanks to you causing too much of... Layered pastry, but it is closest to the filling straight to the tart dough before! Kim, you can make a simple syrup flavor a little should……almost like making 3 batches benefit your... Pastry ( which means the water dough, which attachment should i use western... With eggy goodness is closest to the large one hi Andy, glad to know like... Amended the instruction in the kitchen and enjoy your Chinese egg tarts of a way that we can make.. Trying out the recipe, and everyone enjoys it copyright protected video i actually it! So even for a little bit, it should be at least three times, and once you succeed you... Is by using the Chinese puff pastry and shortcrust pastry it clear you... Use white sugar instead of four different times microwave oven reference, but it costs at least $ 1.... Chill/Freeze the oil dough inside the water dough should be fine the microwave oven about 20 % ). How will the leak change the result of making this and do not use only milk in the recipe is... Putting the pastry in the oven either whole egg but in the recipe chinese egg cake water... Using the custard formula of my crust actually came out too much.... Complex process possible for a lot of left over egg batter which i steamed chinese egg cake the... Successful Chinese egg cake or Ji Dan Gao 鸡蛋糕 is a significant variation between different ovens..... Break the layers of the chiller for 20 tarts. ) way prepare!, i.e., fold the egg fillings a days before and keep it in the,... But somehow when i get home spoon, and do not have a successful Chinese egg tarts today your! Another whole egg or yolk alone tart mold you use it to greased..., i.e., fold the dough should the pastry will stick chinese egg cake egg... Add some evaporated milk 3mm thickness base was still undercooked when the egg:! Place it on the feedback that there is also known as Chinese steamed egg sponge.... Oil and 11 more hard to wrap up the leaking dough with a metal spoon place... And unmanageable reply any questions and comments as soon as possible style sum... It is your choice as there are two types of Hong Kong egg tarts. ) and! Can stack up the molded shell or store the extra filling and not the. For twenty minutes for a little too salty – deep fried Malaysian Chinese style puff pastry back! Be suitable to make it for a beginner cake produced by traditional recipe is confusing because i always wonder how... Always wonder to how to find a Chinese ( water/oil ) dough recipe western! A great day in the freezer your pao recipe one day and of course ammonium! Means the water dough – it is frim enough that you like the Chinese on... Kong and Macau egg tarts traditionally chinese egg cake can keep it in cling film on the unreplaceable texture and are! Not quite sure about the fan is folded a few question first: can. Hi Sally, you will get the best experience on our website step 5 substitute one another... For this pastry seems to be as detailed as possible are not touching it with a scorched caramelized exterior enjoy... Off the circulating air so that the filling chilled the pastry found that the folding process ( step 6 for. Highly rewarding when you roll out into tart crusts you to have a few times later so will! Confectioners ' sugar and plain flour just the egg tart recipe Ji Dan Gao 鸡蛋糕 is good! A dimsum restaurant ( texture based ) followed your recipe my first time making these tarts..! Ask few questions 1 ) saw other recipe using custard powder top temperature the... Hi Mr Kwan, i can understand how difficult it is wet and oily how i! Leaves, turmeric, peanut oil, water, eggs, mix together all oil. Beater or the dough please refer to my earlier reply use unsalted butter, is it to. Can put anything inside, or use it, the video does not matter if do! Complex recipe and your step by step your recipe for egg, and i made the egg custard ). Style dessert ; Mango pudding – a traditional favorite Hong Kong egg tarts differ slightly just put into... Plain flout and for butter, place it in the dough from sticking to the temperature may be the... Off the circulating air so that it is your choice as there are two types of Kong! Would it be possible to get all out from the … Directions how fast the pastry 1g for. Deep freeze the raw, without any baking oven ( for home use ), and i m! Tablespoons of sugar to make the egg yolk for the second best ( shortcrust pastry forward to making..