Combination Bet Calculator

Combination Bet Calculator

The bet calculator is very useful to know what the return on your investment will be. The models available are very easy to use. Generally it is necessary to complete columns where in one of them will be the value of your bet and in the other the odds.

The result will be the profit on the investment made in the bet.

Tips for Making a Parlay

It is important to be very calm and sure about the events involved in accumulator bets. No matter how well you know the teams, anything can happen on the pitch. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the risks you run in parlay betting.

High return, low investment

Analyze well the events and markets involved and try to be sure about your bet. If, for example, your win on a combination bet is 2 to 1, you can even think about raising the bet a bit.

Be careful not to increase your bet too much, so you don’t have big losses if you lose.

Less games, more possibilities

The fewer events you choose, the higher your chances of winning. As we mentioned earlier, anything can happen on the court, regardless of the game chosen.

The chances of winning will never be the same if you place a combination bet of two events than if you place a combination of five. In the five, you have higher risks of losing, since you will have to win in all five events involved in the bet.

Avoid different fees

Avoid different fees

To further reduce the risk of loss, avoid wildly different odds. A few extra cents can make a difference to your win, but it will also make a difference if you lose the bet.

Combination bet types

In combination bets, as well as in singles, there are several types of bets available to players.


Over / Under bets, also known as Over / Under, are bets placed on the total points or goals (in the case of football) that will be scored throughout the match and by both teams.

This type of bet is very common in Parlays, as players normally bet on who will win the match and then on the number of goals.

Round robin

The Round Robin bet, or “system”, is a bet placed on three selections that combine more than two teams.

For example, if the chosen teams are Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, the bet combinations will be between Liverpool and Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, and Chelsea and Arsenal.

Point spread

Point spread

The Point Spread is a way to balance the two sides of a bet. With this bet, the players will be giving the underdog an advantage and the favorite a disadvantage.

The Point Spread is a variation of the Handicap, most used in the NFL and NBA leagues. For example, if the bet is +5.5 for the favorite and -5.5 for his opponent, it means that the favorite will win by more than five points and the underdog will lose by more than five points.


Teaser bets are where the player can move, or adjust, the Point Spread bet in his favor. Teaser bets can move up to 10 points and are generally available on NFL and NBA events.


Pleaser bets are the exact opposite of Teaser bets. The points will not move in your favor, but against you and the payouts here are much higher.

Money line

Moneyline, or 1×2 bet, is one of the simplest types of bets. Players simply need to bet on whether the home team (1), the away team (2) or if there will be a draw (X) will win.

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